About South Africa

South Africa Analytics

South Africa is the most developed economy in Africa.


Population of 60 million and a YoY growth rate of 1.2%
Median age of 27.7% years which is younger than any other developed economy


GDP of USD 415 billion in 2021 expected to grow to USD 533 billion in 2026


GDP per capita of USD 6,860 in 2021 is expected to grow to USD 8,160 in 2026


South Africans online consumption is advanced compared to other African Markets. South Africans are more familiar with purchasing products over the internet and consuming digital content, similar to other more developed markets.

38 Million internet users (+4.5% YoY)

25 Million active social media users (+13.6% YoY)

22 Million have purchased goods online

4 USD Billion online sales in 2020 (+24.1 YoY)

South Africans can pay with a variety of payment methods. Because of the dominance of credit & debit cards, cross-border merchants assume that processing payments via a cross-border PSP is sufficient.

However, not all debit cards are enabled for cross-border processing. Merchants who want to increase their reach to South African consumers need to provide them with their preferred payment methods on their billing page. There is no alternative than to work with a PSP which is able to offer all major payment methods in South Africa.

Cross Switch enables any cross-border merchant to offer all locally available payment methods to its customers.

Instant EFTs

Local Branded Cards

Digital Wallets

International branded Credit and Debit Cards

Debit Card

Credit Card

Real Time Bank Transfer (EFT)

Cash Payment Methods (COD)

Digital Wallets

Local Branded Cards

Direct Debit