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Morocco is one of the most interesting markets in Africa for digital merchants. It has close relationship with major economies in the EU.


Population of 36.3 million and a YoY growth rate of 1.2%


A dynamic population with a median age of 27 years


GDP of USD 126 billion in 2021 expected to grow to USD 167 billion in 2026


GDP per capita of USD 3,470 in 2021 is expected to grow to USD 4,380 in 2026

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12.3 Million have purchased goods online in 2020

74.4% Online Users

59.3% Active on social media

98.1% Aged 16 to 64 own a smartphone

27.6 Million Internet users (+9.1% YoY)

1 USD Billion online consumer goods sales in 2020 (+28% YoY)

Mobile internet is faster than fix internet connections in Morocco

Moroccans prefer to pay with Cash or Cash like payment methods such as Cash Plus.

Any cross-border merchant must offer its consumers Cash like payment methods to eliminate drop offs due to missing payment methods on its billing page.

Cross Switch enables any cross-border merchant to offer all locally available payment methods to its customers.

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