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Kenya was one of the leaders digitizing payments in Africa with mPesa.


GDP per capita of USD 2,200 in 2021 is expected to grow to USD 2,770 in 2026


GDP of USD 109 billion in 2021 expected to grow to USD 154 billion in 2026


Population of 50 million and a YoY growth rate of 2.3%


Kenyans are used to shopping for goods and services online. Kenya is as interesting as Morocco for E-commerce merchants despite ranking lower in terms of GDP. Urbanization rate of 28% forces/encourages Kenyans to use the internet extensively to purchase goods and services online

11 Million Active social media users (+25% YoY)

22 Million internet users (+6.4% YoY)

16 Million have purchased goods online

1.1 USD Million online consumer goods sales in 2020 (+65.8 YoY)

MPesa in Kenya developed one of the first Mobile Money wallets in Africa and made financial products available for the unbanked population.

Anyone selling goods in Kenya must offer MPesa as a payment method to its consumers.

Cross-border merchants who want to tap into the wider opportunity in the market need to offer its consumers all locally relevant payment methods.

Cross Switch enables any cross-border merchant to offer all locally available payment methods to its customers

International branded Credit and Debit Cards – Visa, Mastercard

Mobile Money – MPesa, Airtel

Mobile Money