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Egypt by GDP is the third largest economy in Africa and with an expected 5.2% growth in GDP in 2022


Population of 103 million and a YoY growth rate of 1.9%. A dynamic population with a median age of 24.7 years


GDP of USD 396 billion in 2021 expected to grow to USD 605 billion in 2026

GDP per capita of USD 3,850 in 2021 is expected to grow to USD 5,330 in 2026


Merchants should focus on Mobile First when targeting Egyptian consumers

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96% Internet user aged 16 – 64 own a smart phone compared to 57% own a computer

59.2 Million Internet users (+8.1% YoY)

41.4 Million Egyptians have at least once purchased goods online in 2020

3.3 Billion USD Consumer goods sales in 2020

49 Million Active Social Media User (+16.7% YoY)

71% Gamers play on a smart phone compared to 30% on a computer

Egyptians prefer cash payment methods, especially Fawry, with over 62% of market share, is the market leader.

Cross-border merchants must offer Fawry to meet preferences of Egyptian online consumers/customers.

Cross Switch enables cross-border merchant to offer all locally available payment methods to its consumer/customers

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